The downside of an EZ bar is that it restricts the movement of curls slightly more than a straight bar, so range-of-motion is slightly reduced. Grip the bar shoulder-width, letting it rest against your thighs. Your upper arm should remain in the same position throughout the exercise. It’s important that you don’t borrow from your other muscles. This is definitely one of the more common ways to hit this muscle group. Unlike the standing barbell curl, the seated variation targets your biceps muscles more than your forearms.

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Bicep Curl Workouts will help you to build bigger and stronger arms. Always look for a full range of motion for a deeper stretch. What’s more, a narrow grip is better for outer bicep development, whereas a wide grip is better for inner bicep development. As we’ve just touched on, the grip is important for training both bicep heads. When gym-goers are asked to flex their muscles, 90% of the time they bust out the old tried and tested double bicep flex.

Benefits Of The Reverse Biceps Curl

Stand holding a barbell using a shoulder-width pronated grip. Make sure to keep a straight back, with shoulders back, and a strong stance. Try to keep your elbows aligned and as close to your sides if possible.

Standing Barbell Curl Variations

Select whichever one accommodates your individual fitness level and/or equipment setup. The workouts are meant to provide a basic template to illustrate the PPP concept; you can insert whichever exercises you want into the template as long as you follow the PPP guidelines. Following the prime, you’ll do one or two strength-focused lifts using heavier weights and lower reps . This is the real meat-and-potatoes of your workout, but don’t think that means you can skip the prime exercise andjump right into it. Although the back and biceps work together on virtually all compound upper-body pulling movements, the amount of work the two muscle groups can tolerate is vastly different.

Standing Barbell Curl Instructions

This way, you’ll prioritize your long head’s development. So, here’s a quick summary of the bicep curl exercises with dumbbells I went through. Each of them targets a specific portion of the bicep – long head, short head, and outer bicep.

However, there is no need to utilize both in your workout routine. When performing the straight bar bicep curl you perform both functions of the biceps. This maximizes biceps engagement throughout the entire range of motion.

This is mostly an isolation exercise although some stabilizing muscles will come into play somewhat. Lift the dumbbells up toward your elbows and then very slowly let them back down to the starting position. For a real burn, add in an isometric pause at the top of the move. To change things up, try reverse curls on odd days.